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How to Create a Contact Sheet in Adobe Bridge thumbnail

Contact sheets used to be known as a sheet of paper on which negatives from a roll of film have been contact printed. With digital photography, contact sheets are still used as a way to see and compare a number of images at a time. There are a number of methods for creating a contact [...]

How to Add Keywords to Images in Adobe Bridge thumbnail

Adding keywords to images in Adobe Bridge is useful for many reasons. Keywords allow you to quickly find specific images in a folder by allowing you to filter by keyword. Keywords also inform you of the contents of the images in the folder and how many times each keyword is used in the folder. How [...]

How to Fix Gray Hair Roots with Photoshop thumbnail

Fixing gray roots in Photoshop is easy and only requires a few short and simple steps. 1. After opening the image you want to edit, do any color adjustments that you need to do before going on to fix gray hair roots. 2. Use the Dodge Tool to softly lighten the gray roots. You will probably need [...]

Orton Effect Tutorial with Photoshop thumbnail

The Orton Effect, originally done in the darkroom, is a technique that involves overlaying a few differently exposed versions of identical scenes to create a dreamy or surreal-looking photograph. Orton photography, which was named for its creator, photographer Michael Orton, can now be achieved with digital image editing software and one original image. I’ll be [...]

How to Create and Use a Photoshop Action thumbnail

Creating a Photoshop action is useful because it allows you to save time if you are applying the same edits to multiple images. Luckily, it is super easy to create and use a Photoshop action. First, open one of the images in Photoshop that you want to apply your edits to. Open the actions panel [...]