How to Create and Use a Photoshop Action

Creating a Photoshop action is useful because it allows you to save time if you are applying the same edits to multiple images. Luckily, it is super easy to create and use a Photoshop action.

First, open one of the images in Photoshop that you want to apply your edits to. Open the actions panel by clicking the rectangle with a triangle inside. You will see that there are some default actions. You will get better results if you create your own custom action.

Click the “Create new action button”.

Give your new action a name that you will be able to recognize when you want to use it in the future. Click Record.

Now you need to apply all the changes to your image that you want to record.

Once you’ve applied all the edits that you want to be included in your action, click the “Stop playing/recording” button.

To use your new action, select it in the list of actions and click the “Play selection” button.

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