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Contact sheets used to be known as a sheet of paper on which negatives from a roll of film have been contact printed. With digital photography, contact sheets are still used as a way to see and compare a number of images at a time. There are a number of methods for creating a contact [...]

The shape that a small spot of light will take in a blurry area of a photograph usually depends on the shape of the lens’ aperture. Some lenses create bokeh that is completely round and others create bokeh that is polygonal. With a few simple craft supplies, you can create bokeh that is heart-shaped, star-shaped, [...]

The AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F/1.8G lens is an upgraded version of a classic lens in the Nikkor line. This lens features a new aspherical element which improves instances of coma and aberration. Additionally, the seven-blade aperture creates more rounded bokeh than the prior polygonal-looking bokeh. The previous version of this lens was a staple in [...]

At one time or another, many photographers have aimed their camera at the moon in an effort to capture its mysterious beauty. Photographing the moon presents a challenge, however, because more than a few things need to be taken into consideration when planning a photograph of the moon. You will need to consider: the moon’s [...]

Adding keywords to images in Adobe Bridge is useful for many reasons. Keywords allow you to quickly find specific images in a folder by allowing you to filter by keyword. Keywords also inform you of the contents of the images in the folder and how many times each keyword is used in the folder. How [...]

Shutter speed is the key to waterfall photography. With a slightly longer shutter speed than usual, moving water will appear silky smooth in a photograph. The longer shutter speed makes it necessary to use a tripod or to steady the camera in some other way. It is also recommended to use a timer or remote [...]

“A photograph is a portrait painted by the sun.” Anonymous The word photography means light writing. And that is what photography is- writing with light. There are many ways to manipulate the light that reaches your digital camera’s sensor, but the three main ways are through f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO. F-stops An f-stop is the [...]

A shutter actuation is an instance in which your camera’s shutter is activated. In other words, a shutter actuation is part of what happens inside your camera’s body when you take a picture. The number of shutter actuations that your camera’s shutter has sustained is also called the shutter count. The shutter is a moving [...]

Bracketing means taking more than one photo of the same scene at a variety of different settings. Sometimes it’s hard to see on the LCD screen if something is properly exposed or in focus so this allows you to later choose which mixture of settings turned out the way you wanted it to. Some cameras have [...]

Fixing gray roots in Photoshop is easy and only requires a few short and simple steps. 1. After opening the image you want to edit, do any color adjustments that you need to do before going on to fix gray hair roots. 2. Use the Dodge Tool to softly lighten the gray roots. You will probably need [...]